Privacy & Cookies


We respect your privacy. No personal data from the general public is harvested on this website.

If you email us requesting further information we will retain any information you provide us with, including your name and email address, but will delete this information on request

There is no facility for signing up direct online. Logins on this website are restricted to registered members of this group whose completed, signed and printed application forms have been accepted. These forms include a statement that the applicant agrees to the terms of our Members Agreement.


This site stores a single cookie on your device called PHPSESSID - this cookie contains a unique Session ID which links you to a “Session” on our server.

This Session may contain the following data:

Your Authenticated User ID - This identifies you to our system as a successfully authenticated user. This variable is destroyed when you Logout.
Your Permitted Role - This informs the system of your privilege level - i.e. whether you are a LETS Member or LETS Admin. This variable is destroyed when you Logout.
Transient UI Messages - If you need to be redirected to another page on our site, we may store a message in your session for the receiving page to display back to you, for example (“There was an error processing your request”). This variable is destroyed as soon as the message is displayed.
CSRF Tokens - To prevent certain types of malicious attacks, many actions on our site require the system to set a unique token in your session to validate that you are a legitimate user and not a bot. This variable is destroyed as soon as the action you perform is completed.
Request Timestamps - To help mitigate DOS attacks, the system may store information in your session about the frequency with which you are performing actions on our site.
Your Cookies Preference - This tells our system about your choice regarding Cookies so that you are not asked repeatedly.

You may block the Cookie but this will mean you will not be able to use the site as a logged in member, and you will be unable to perform certain actions (such as submission of forms) on the site.

We do not use any analytics software on this site.